Energy Retrofitting

PRC is participating in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (“HUD”) Green Retrofit Program for Multifamily Housing (“GRP”). GRP’s goal is to promote sustainable development that is designed to result in a property that reduces energy demand, costs less to operate, improves the residents’ quality of life, and reduces impact on the environment. PRC is currently performing “Green Retrofits” to two of its own multifamily residential properties.

PRC Green Services, LLC, a recently created affiliate of Property Resources Corporation (“PRC”) has been established to assist building Owners in efficiently “greening” their existing properties, as well as new developments, in a cost effective and energy saving manner, while ensuring that Owners are afforded the greatest possible grant funding possible.  Through its construction management, finance department, property management, and maintenance department, PRC Green Services, LLC is a one-stop-shop for property owners in greening their buildings and new developments.

  • Pilot projects through PRC Green Services utilize many of the skills and resources developed by PRCs different entities over the last two decades including:
    Liaise with HUD and other entities participating in program funding;
  • Evaluate building conditions at the subject properties and prepare the project scope of work;
  • Coordinate with HUD consultant energy auditors in preparation of the “Green Retrofit Plan”;
  • Identify certified “green” construction materials and assemblies suitable for incorporation into the project;
  • Prepare construction specifications;
  • Conduct the bid process for all trades including prequalifying prevailing wage vendors;
  • Monitor the quality of construction work and compliance with contract specification;
  • Manage requisition process for contractor payment including coordination of all HUD inspection;
  • Process change orders;
  • Close-out of project upon completion.